Dear friends of the liquid industry,

Nearly 4 year ago, we started to revitalize the art of the highballs. We opened THE BOILERMAN BAR, a bar dedicated to the true highballs. We realized: A Highball is definitely more than a liquor and a filler.  And we fell in love with the idea of the Highballer:

Highballer: Some one who works harder than a motherfucker. The opposite is a lowballer, someone who drags there balls around not doing a god damn thing.

We teamed up with a Hamburg based boutique hotel company called 25hours and opened another Boilerman Bar at the Harbour of Hamburg.And now, world domination has become a little more reachable! We are going to open a few Highball Bars with our friends from 25hours all over europe in the upcoming three years.

In the beginning of april, we want to open a Highball Bar in the new 25hours Hotel coming to Zurich. And this Bar will be hugh. BOOOOM

We will focus on #DayDrinking (our Interpretation of the classic afternoon aperitivo) and are currently creating a nice highball concept around Vermouth, fortified wines and spiced wines served  as sexy highballs.

And, man, I have to set up a giant bar team. I am looking for 15 people, willing to go with us true this tough times of a hotel bar opening. I will not talk bullshit here. Nothing to make up. Opening a bar is the hardest part of the job. Long long hours, dirty hands, crazyness all over the place. 24/7. But also it is an experience. Hey, and it is an experience with me 🙂

And there are opportunities. We are just setting up a new company to care for the upcoming hotels bars with 25hours hotels. And also the hotel group is growing in this time. I can promise this 15 people a hard time but also a great experience. And for some of them an opportunity to grow in these companies.

And this is where I could need your help. Maybe you know someone? Or would share this mail in you network?

Also: This year we are opening Boilerman Bars in Munich and Hamburg (reopening – the one in the 25hotel – we had a big fire in the hotel …uppps).

So time is running and maybe some of the people we all know might want to sneak in Munich or Hamburg as well.  2018 plans are cologne, duesseldorf and, yes, maybee Paris.

But, first of all: ZURICH … here are the details !

We are looking for (alle positions male/female)

  • 1 Bar Manager / Head Bartender (experienced Bar Manager – Already managed a bar and a team. Long years of experience in hospitality and bars)
  • 1 Assistant Bar Manager / Head Bartender (At least 3+ years as a senior bartender in a bar, experience in hospitality)
  • 5 Senior Bartender (At least 3 years working as a bartender in  bar, experience in hospitality)
  • 5 Bartender / Bar Waiter (At least 1 years working as a bartender in  bar, experience in hospitality)
  • 3 Bar Backs (Want to start to work in a bar)

We are going to open ZURICH APRIL 2017 and looking for to employ from february / march 2017 on.

To apply please send an email to me or . We expect:

  • Detailed CV
  • Photo
  • Position you are applying for
  • Possible date to start working for us
  • and your salary expectations.

Thanks for your help ! Really looking forward to spend you a highball in Zurich one day.


Joerg Meyer

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