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Beiträge von Joerg Meyer

Liquid Letter No. 3: looking for 15 tough highballer

Dear friends of the liquid industry, Nearly 4 year ago, we started to revitalize the art of the highballs. We opened THE BOILERMAN BAR, a bar dedicated to the true highballs. We realized: A Highball is definitely more than a liquor and a filler.  And we fell in love with the idea of the Highballer:…


Liquid Letter No. 2: P(our) – The modern Bartender

Dear friends of the liquid world It is happening. And I am proud. Two years ago I was with Alex Kratena at the MAD Symposium in Copenhagen. It is for chefs. Organised by great people. It’s less about brands and products, and more about creativity, philosophy, gastrosophy. We met Jim Meehan there too and all…